Please note that canoe, kayak and paddleboard are different from boats, and they can tip quite easily if not used properly. Be ready to get wet! 

How it works:

1. Book your boats online, an email with the unlocking code will send to your email. Go to the lake day use area at your booked time, unlock the boat. Paddles and lifejackets are included and are there. 

2. At your booked finishing time, return and lock the boat back to the right location on the rack with the right lock, take a photo and send to 780-900-4343

3. Done! Any issue or need more details? call or text 780-900-4343. 

How to book online:

--> Select the category --> pick dates/time, individual boats and use the dropdown list to pick your time slot.

@ Multiple Day -- Multiple days booking;  Day 4-12 Hrs -- 4-12 hours rental in the same day. 

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